The roots of Vitalism are found in traditional systems of medicine all over the world. These systems of medicine all support the principle that diet and lifestyle are the main therapies and Nature does the healing. Vitalism is  based off of the innate wisdom of your body and nature.

A vitalist practitioner believes the same forces that govern nature are present in all tissues of the body, the psyche, the spiritual heart, and soul.

Vitalists believe healing happens by supporting this vital force in its efforts to find balance, rather than suppressing the symptoms of this innate intelligence. Vitalism is about nourishment of both mind, body, and spirit whereas health resides in our choices around  lifestyle, and nutrition. Herbs are merely allies to support this healing process. As a vitalist practitioner I want to honor our uniqueness and support the person in finding their most vital selves


When to see a Clinical Herbalist?

Melissa sees clients with both acute and chronic conditions. Anything from digestive issues, to anxiety and depression, immune system support, or menstrual and fertility issues. We begin with a consultation where we go through the client’s health history. Consultations typically takes about 1.5-2 hours. After the initial consultation you’ll receive a protocol. This looks different for every individual because although some herbs are specifically indicated for certain things, not all herbs are right for everyone, and the allopathic herbalism approach has limited success rates.


Lily n Sway- Clinical Practice

In my practice we start with nutrition, and lifestyle. We’ll discuss potential nutrient deficiencies, food allergens, and lifestyle recommendations that could be beneficial and practical in your life. Then we’ll use herbs when indicated to encourage bringing the body back into balance. It’s imperative in this work that the clinician and client come up with possible strategies the client can easily comply with. It starts with meeting the person where they are at, and to be sure they aren’t too overwhelmed to employ such positive changes.




Melissa Borer & Stacey Quade

A vitalist approach to dual modality healing!

Melissa and Stacey believe that supporting the energetic foundation of the body allows the physical body to more easily move into alignment and support the healing process. Herbs and food as medicine are critical components to facilitate this balance. We believe that working in partnership provides a more thorough, yet broader resource for you in order to meet your wellness goals.


An herbal consultation with Melissa Borer and a Healing Touch- Energy Based Therapy session with Stacey Quade


Receive the benefits of two skilled practitioners working together to offer comprehensive care in order to optimize your personal health and wellness


$80-150 sliding scale covers first consultations. Herbs and Herbal products not included, and charged separately.


Schedule 4 session series for a reduced rate of $288.

Sessions located at Energy For Life Connection,
centrally located in Duluth Heights.


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