Debbie Ortmon

“I can’t say enough about how much Melissa has helped me with my major sleep problem. As I have gotten older my sleeping patterns had worsened so I was only getting 2-4 hours of sleep every night and barely able to function and crabby too! After following her recommendations and taking her sleep tincture my sleep has increased to 5-8 hours a nite and I feel like a new person! Melissa is an extremely good listener, knowledgeable and her charges  are very reasonable. Thank you so much Melissa!”


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Rachel Voigt

“Melissa is an amazing herbalist and Duluth is lucky to have her expertise, kindness and professionalism in our community. As a midwife, I've had the joy of working with Melissa to provide care and products for my clients. She uses her clinical skills to determine what the client needs, has the herbs on hand and provides both the product and clear instructions to the client in an efficient and cheerful way. Melissa is both a lovely person and great resource for folks in Duluth and the surrounding areas!”

-RACHEL VOIGT, North Country Midwifery

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